Hello and Thank You for visiting us here at Aced. Aced Auto Worx as a shop has a very diverse background in the automotive industry. The company’s background gives Aced many skills that set us apart from the rest. We use many different approaches to a project to achieve the best end result. We pride ourselves on quality first and foremost, whether it is performance oriented or aesthetics appeal. There are no shortcuts in this industry. There is only one way to do everything and it's the absolute best as possible. The only way to achieve perfection is to practice!


Ace'd has done its best to work with the highest quality shops and people in the industry. Working with and for several fabulous businesses/individuals such as:  Kenny Duttweiler of Duttweiler Performance, Steve Watt of SWE and Maxwell Industries, Greg Pyles of Wired by G, George Poteet and Ron Main on the SpeedDemon, Steve Strope of Pure Vision, Bobby Walden of Walden Speedshop, Jerry Magnuson of Magnuson superchargers just to name a few. Working with these businesses has helped us develop a solid background in several aspects of the aftermarket automotive field. Imperfection is not an option when working with these individuals and we carry professionalism towards every single project that comes through the shop. We choose very carefully when choosing companies to make strategic alliances as part suppliers. If a part is not made in house, have confidence that the parts being used are made by a company that has our same vision in mind, of building the best part possible. Ace'd strives to be on the edge of performance and innovation, without sacrificing presentation and style.