At Aced a great understanding and background of many successful vehicles ranging from one off designed race machines, Aced Autoworx team can handle any and all task associated within the automotive realm. Specializing in all forms of performance automotive fabrication.

  • Cold and hot tube plumbing fabrication for naturally aspirated, turbocharged and supercharger engines.

  • Designing custom roll cages and other tubular additions to maximize chassis safety and rigidity while meeting all rules and requirements of any race sanctioning body.

  • We pride ourselves on building and designing proper mounting, tabbing, bracing and bracketing of all automotive components without sacrificing aesthetic appeal (including engines, transmissions, and drivelines to suspensions systems).

  • We have the ability to properly plumb any type of vehicle with hard and soft lines using our recommended brands of A/N fittings.

We pride ourselves on building complete package systems that work spectacularly on the track or street.



TIG, MIG, and gas welding are all areas of expertise that we like to put on display. Specializing in exotic alloys like Titanium, Magnesium, Stainless Steel, and cast iron.

3d printing

Having multiple (4) 3D printers in house we have the capability to manufacture all the different medias available including, PLA, ABS, Nylon, TPU, Etc. Our max build volume is 12”x 12”x 15”, we also have printers that excel in detailed objects and features.

CNC Plasma cutting

We operate a PlasmaCAM 4x4 table, that is able to cut Stainless, Copper, Mild Steel, & Aluminum. If you have a sketch, or a DXF file, we can cut it for you.


Trackside race support is something we really enjoy doing. This gives us the opportunity to see our, and others companies products and labor hard at work, first hand.  Corner scaling, track side adjustments, unexpected replacement of any component necessary. Proper recording of the event and adjustments that were made, are all things within our capabilities.

CAD Design

We offer in-house 2D & 3D Design, if you have a sketch or an idea and want it turned into computer format, we have you covered.